What’s in Season – November

From the turning of the clocks on Sunday, it feels like winter has arrived. It’s one of my favourite cooking seasons as everything is hearty and wholesome.
Cox's Orange Pippin Apples
Blackberries have been replaced by rhubarb, raspberries by pears and quince and runner beans by purple broccoli. Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, swede and all sorts of squashes are now at their seasonal best and always make brilliant warming soups. And, of course, it is the end of apple season. We have a blog about last week’s apple picking. Check it out for a fun read and get a peek of our orchard.

All game is in season and in abundance – venison, pheasant, teal, pigeon mallard. Just ask your butcher for advice and look up new recipes in your cookbooks. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Last week, at home, I cooked partridge whole with kale, potato and pumpkin, such an easy and great bird to cook. I’ll get a few recipes up over the coming weeks for you to try.

In other news, we’ve been nominated for a few awards with Food Magazine. So if you have a chance please vote for us.


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