The Royal Oak Paley Street

Royal Oak Paley Street

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The Royal Oak in Paley Street


As a chef I absolutely love January as it’s a great to wind down from the hectic festive season. You get to spend a bit of time with the family and eat out in different places. I always encourage chefs to eat out as much as possible and do a stage a year in another restaurant. Food is very subjective so in essence every chef is right even if they really are mental!

For my stage this year I landed a stint in the Royal Oak Maidenhead. The Royal Oaks reputation is very much revered and is looked at as one of the top eateries in the country. They hold some of the country’s most prestigious awards – a Michelin star, 3 AA rosettes and 6/10 in the Good Food Guide. Now awards don’t put bums on seats – great food, great Service and ambience do and it’s plain for everyone to see the Royal Oak ticks every box.

Dom Chapman and Mo Gherras

The philosophy and Inspiration is what I what I loved the most about the kitchen. Food is sourced from top suppliers using Mother Nature’s seasonal calendar, cooked to perfection and impeccably executed. It reminded me a lot of the Walnut Tree in Abergavenny. It’s a restaurant where you want to go for a great lunch or dinner and you struggle to decide what you want as the menu reads amazing. It’s food you want to eat again and again and again and yes you’ve guessed it again! It’s not fussed or overworked food – its food in its purest form with amazing flavours and very smart combinations. The pure passion from every staff member is palpable. There is a great sense of care from Dom, Mo and Mike to every staff member, they really believe and love what they’re doing. It’s an enjoyable environment to be in even though the work is tough. The inspiration comes from the top and permeates through everything and everyone.

The Royal Oak Veg Garden

The new garden is class. So many great herbs and veg and the new restaurant extension opens overlooking the garden. Apologies for the lack of food porn photos on this blog the phone is crap and doesn’t do them justice but will have the I-phone back rolling for the next blog.

Dom in action

Kitchen in full service swing


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