Stream Farm Somerset

Of all my supplier visits over the last 5 years, Stream Farm was one of the most inspirational. When buying produce from Stream Farm, you’re buying more than fantastic food – you’re buying their vision of how our rural countryside should be. The idea is that a small farming community works together to create something special for you, the customer.

Stream Farm sells a variety of products, including spring water, Dexter beef, Old Spot pork, free-range Devonshire Gold chickens, Hampshire Down lambs, honey and apple juice, as well as rainbow trout (both fresh and smoked). All products are 100% organic and sourced or grown on the farm. But what struck me during my visit is that you can really see, feel and taste the passion that goes into what they create. It’s palpable!

I love when farmers name their livestock. It shows that they care about what they’re doing. Their lambs run to the fence with a loveable ‘baa’. Many were hand feed during lambing season.

The Dexter herd is stunning to look at. They are a small breed in relation to cross breeds and continentals. Raising pure breeds ensures consistency. James Odgers swaps his cattle with a farmer from Donnegal, Ireland to ensure fresh bloodlines are being introduced.

The sheer care for his livestock is clearly visible. The farm is immaculate and the attention to the animals is the best I’ve seen.

James and his Bull

Rainbow Trout, Gluten Free, Me and John

With the horsemeat scandal, antibiotics in our meat supplies and the ever-mounting pressure on suppliers to trace the origins of their livestock – the Stream Farm concept is a breath of fresh air and something that’s needed in our markets.

Supermarkets care about one thing – their profits. And though we are all concerned with our profits as well as saving money, if you truly knew the origins of your food – what it was fed and how it lived, you’d think twice about buying that chicken on special offer for £1.50 with 2 days left on its bar code. Food is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and, though it might sound cliché, you are what you eat.

I’ll leave you with a few more pics of the visit. If you have a moment, check out their website.


Old Spot Pigs

Little Lamb

The Farm

The Herd

Little Chicks

The Herd by the Stream

Trouting around

Sam's Lamb



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