Spring Has Sprung


Spring is officially here and the kitchen is beginning to reflect the change in season.  Our menus will start to lighten in line with the weather – fingers crossed!

The arrival of lamb, wild garlic, asparagus, morels, samphire, gull and pheasant eggs and rhubarb are just a few delights to grace the menus in Castle Bow and Brazz.

A mild winter has gifted us with an early asparagus season which started in Wye Valley. You’ll find it on both our restaurant menus now. The season usually kicks off on St. George’s day. If you’d like to cook this spring delight at home, simply blanch it in seasoned water then dress with rapeseed oil, lemon juice & zest and season to taste. Serve with a runny poached or boiled egg and some Parmesan or substitute for pecorino if you’re vegetarian.

Next week, we’ll change the Brazz menu over for spring. So please check it out. We’re adding some great classics like White Lake goat’s cheese with rhubarb beetroot and celery. Plus you’ll find wild garlic and potato soup with feta and iced rhubarb parfait with yoghurt sorbet and honeycomb as well.

Our next blog is on super food salads – which has been a great addition to our revamped Brazz menu. Please check it out and our cool new website courtesy of the fantastic Lorrie Kelly www.brazz.co.uk.


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