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So, my second week in the West Country is drawing to an end and I get a call from Mr. Chapman telling me about local butcher – Malcolm Pyne. He asked me to call out to the shop, see the setup and meet the man himself. Mr Chapman spoke highly of the business, explained that it was a new premises and that Malcolm was a very enthusiastic Butcher. So once again armed with our Sat nav; half an hour down the motor way and we were there.

We were greeted by Malcolm who was behind the counter. He had a big, beaming smile and a “hello, what can I get for you’’? We introduced ourselves and he was delighted we had called out to him and said “bloody hell, I didn’t think you would be out this fast”! The display of meats and food at Pynes is hard to explain as it really is one of the best set up butchers I’ve ever been to. You have every cut of meat known to man, marinated pork chops, pressed ox tongue, slow cooked cheeks and the classic Kiev and it goes on and on. There’s a fish mongers, cider stall, vegetables and local produce – truly a heaven for any food lover. I’m not too often caught for words, but on this occasion I was. I was astounded at the choice and more importantly the effort and passion that created the display. Malcolm walked us through all the produce he sells to the public; everything locally sourced and fresh. The smells throughout the shop were amazing. Malcolm showed us his ‘meltdown burger’ telling us it was a national champion and one of his pride and glory – we said we’d put it to the test for staff lunch in the kitchen. I’m sorry there’s no photo of the shops display, but take me at my word and call out for a look.

Malcolm explaining his hanging Process

Malcolm brought us through to his back of house set up at Pyne’s, which is also visible to the public: a truly immaculate place. He showed us the hanging process, meat origins and his curing techniques. I’m always dubious of using someone who’s secretive or evades questions- Malcolm is straight up, no bull. He explains anything you ask and shows you everything he does. Malcolm showed us his beef which is reared a stone’s throw from the shop by family friend Bob Hall. Malcolm’s father hand picks the animals for the shop

Whole Rib eye 3 week hung

Malcolm then talked us through the breed and quality of his pigs. He does a lot of hog roasts and claims to do a cracking Prosciutto. He talked of his curing methods and of his own pigs which he rears as a pastime- clearly an animal and a meat he knows intimately.

Malcolm and the hog roast prep

We got back to the kitchen armed with samples from Malcolm. His meltdown burger is a thing of beauty; it has a cheese centre which is delicious. Malcolm Pyne, we look forward to working with you in the future.



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