Pan Fried Brixham Scallops with Pitney Farm Roast Red Pepper, Pancetta and Basil Oil

Pan Fried Brixham Scallops

Our Pitney Farm Visit 3 weeks ago was amazing; this is the scallop dish we have developed, inspired by Rob and his amazing produce.

The recipe is below and if you’re not into the scallops you can substitute them for chicken or a nice piece of cod. The secret to the dish is to balance out the bold flavours with lemon juice to pull the dish together. This is a simple, tasty dish for a dinner party and all the hard work can be done in advance by preparing the puree and cooking the pork belly/ liquor. All you will need to worry about is the last minute cooking of the scallops.

 Pork Belly (pancetta) and Cooking Liquor

1 halved onion studded 3 cloves each half
Bouquet Garni
Garlic bulb
4 Carrots
1 Star anise
4 Cardamom pods
20 Coriander Seeds
20 White Peppercorns
Orange peel / zest

Choose a large pot and submerge the pork belly in the water with all the other ingredients then pour in 500ml of chicken stock. Bring up to the boil then reduce to a slow simmer, it will cook in 3-4 hours. Check the meat carefully at intervals making sure it’s not becoming overcooked- it should be soft to the touch even when cooked through. Allow to cool in the liquor, once it has cooled, remove the meat and press between 2 trays for slicing into portions, coating with flour and pan frying.

Chefs tip: Keep the stock for a sauce base we use the stock for many things. The  most important use is for our sauce for the Homemade Pies in Brazz with Ham Hock, Mustard, Leek and Pea and a real crisp short crust pastry . You can use the stock for many sauces – roux based / béchamel, corn flour or cream based.

Red Pepper Pure

8 Red peppers
10 sprigs of Thyme
2 bulbs of Garlic
Pinch of Smoked Paprika
Pinch of Cayenne
Rapeseed oil

Place the Red Peppers in a foil Cartouche (a foil parcel) with the herbs and spices and cook in an oven @ 180c for 30-40 mins. Checking that the peppers are cooked, cover them in cling film in a bowl to release the skin. Deseed all the peppers and set aside a few pepper cheeks for garnish. Puree the rest and let it out, if needed, with the belly liquor

Chefs tip: Any Puree left over can be thinned out and used as a soup for the next day a simple red pepper soup or add Tomatoes for a Gazpacho.

Basil Oil

400g Vegetable oil
40g fresh Basil

Bring the oil and basil up to the heat together to 80c, or if you don’t have a thermometer watch the oil until small bubbles appear, but do not allow it to boil. When the bubbles appear remove it from the heat immediately and pour into a blender. For a smooth finish pass the oil through a muslin cloth. To maintain the colour, ice the oil as quickly as you can by pouring into a container and placing it into ice/cold water.

Chefs Tip: Basil oil Makes a cracking pesto also if you make a big batch of oil freeze it immediately and take out as you need it – freezing it straight away keeps its vibrant colour always keep refrigerated. After 1-2 days discard


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