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Painted Wolf Wines

On Friday the 12th October we had the great pleasure of hosting the amazing Jeremy Borg of Painted Wolf Wines from South Africa. He came in to us for a wine tasting and training with all of the staff in our new penthouse.

Jeremy Borg, Painted Wolf Wines

Jeremy and his wife Emma set up Painted Wolf wines in 2006. Jeremy is originally a chef, so when talking about not only his wine but the science behind it, he explained it in a no-frills fashion. I’m a chef so I normally get confused with jargon and industry talk but this was informative for all involved… and we got to sample some amazing wines!

Jeremy is quite open about involving more passionate and knowledgeable people in to the business fold which is why painted wolf produces so many fantastic diverse wines. At the centre of this, the company uses their passion for conservation of wild dogs (painted wolves) in South Africa.

We heard about the split in the ancestry chain of wild dogs which makes these beautiful creatures so unique. They’re very endangered and this is at the heart of a fantastic wine. Coincidently my uncle worked in South Africa many years ago and told me how one day he was driving along and stumbled on a pack – the locals were so amazed as they’re so endangered that it’s quite rare to see them.

On to the wines….


We tasted six beauties that are all so balanced and, as the range went on, ended a Piontage and Pictus 4 which is a rhone type
blend on Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvedre.

– two absolutely stunning well balanced wines that are available in the south west from the following retailers:– Wells, Somerset– Cirencester, East Gloucestershire– South Petherton

Painted Wolf is also available in with our 6 course tasting menu!

To learn more about Painted Wolf wines, check out their blog.



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