October Roundup from the Castle Kitchen

Cox's Orange Pippin Apples

October has arrived and with it the beautiful smells and autumnal colours of orange, red, brown and deep shades of green. The weather is getting a bit colder so it’s the season of slow cooking – braises, stews, soups and pies.

As a chef the seasonal transitions are so important and late summer / early autumn is my favourite. With so many fantastic ingredients available, it’s tough to not be inspired.

Pumpkins, squashes and beetroots are new to the market and they tell us autumn is officially here. Also in great abundance are carrots, broccoli, sweetcorn, parsnips, leeks and sprouts.

Fruit wise our apple crop has been a bumper year – not as good as last season but there are plenty of British apples hitting the market. Look out for pippins, reinette, egremont and cox – all have different uses and are delicious. On the 7th we’re heading to Charlton Orchard to pick our apples from the Castle Orchard.

Meat wise venison and hare are back on, as are game birds – partridge, duck, pheasant and grouse. As for fish, mackerel is fading out but haddock, skate, bream and most molluscs are in great supply and are something different to cook and taste.

I could ramble on about food and dishes in season but the best thing to do is book a table in Brazz or Castle Bow and taste our fantastic October menu.

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