October in the Castle Kitchen

Feast 2017

Apologies for being a little late with my blog this month. We’ve just wrapped up Feast food & drink festival last week which took a lot of effort and focus. It really was a fantastic event and we can’t thank our suppliers, friends and family enough for their support.

So, on to October…

It really has chilled in the last week. When I’m driving home on my trusted motorbike ‘Stephen’, I notice the cold even more!

This month is all about earthy, hearty foods and flavours such as apples, pears pumpkins, squashes, plums, Jerusalem artichokes, chard and beetroot.

Cox's Orange Pippin Apples

British raspberries and strawberries are still around in polytunnels but, as the first frost comes, they will be gone, usually by end of the month. We use Jan Butterly in Nynehead for our fruits.

Meat wise, the first pheasants are coming through. People usually shudder at the thought of a pheasant but I love this under utilised bird. So I’ll put a blog up later in the month to try and convert you. Venison, partridge, mallard and especially grouse will drop in price this month as well and should be in steady supply.

Brined Mackerel

Fish wise, everything is plentiful. Mackerel, cod, turbot and white bait are all currently available on the Brazz menu.

Winter is on the way. The fresh mornings have arrived and the leaves will soon start to disappear. However, we can always find warmth in food and, in the Castle Hotel kitchen, that warmth is abundant throughout the changing seasons and the beautiful produce that they bring.

We look forward to seeing you in the hotel soon.


Liam Finnegan

Liam and the Kitchen Team


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