Longmans Dairy and Montgomery Cheddar

Last Wednesday we headed to Cadbury to visit two suppliers, both of which are massively respected in the Dairy / Cheese industry – Sarai Longman and Jamie Montgomery. We met at Longmans farm and Sarai brought us to meet Jamie Montgomery- http://www.montgomerycheese.co.uk .

Jamie Montgomery explaining the maturing process

We were shown the many processes that contribute to undoubtedly the worlds finest Cheddar. Everything is controlled from the grazing pastures to the storing. It’s amazing to see and smell. One of my first experiences of eating Montgomery was the smell and taste, and the balance between the two. Once we stepped out of the car onto the farm, you were hit by the smell straight away – the closet way of describing it is like a cheese lovers heaven. The cheese is made daily to ensure the freshness of the milk and the tags are proof to this. Every batch of cheese made has a sample log so during the aging process they’re continuously monitored and tasted.

We tried a few samples from 12 months through to 24 months. We could really taste the difference in the maturing process both texturally and flavour.

We then headed for Longmans Dairy – http://www.longmancheese.co.uk/ . Sarai Longman told us about their family farm the history and pushing the business on. She has an amazing amount of knowledge and knows the ins and outs of every aspect of the business. She told us of her first job in packaging and has a huge care for all the employees. You get a real family feel around Longmans, one of great care and teamwork. Its great meeting with a passionate and knowledgeable supplier like this.


Longmans Unsalted Butter hand rolled.


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