Healthy Eating Week at The Castle Hotel

We’ve reached that time of year when it’s time to get out your beach body, but I have to admit…mine’s been in hiding for a few years.

So to inspire us to get back on track, we have a range of salads featured on the Brazz Summer Menu that are doing incredibly well. The fried halloumi and avocado salad is my favourite at the minute. We eat a lot of vegetarian food at home, and my family agrees that this dish is fresh, tasty and filling — especially with the addition of black beans.

We lightly toss the halloumi in flour and fry it in rapeseed oil, which helps with its colour and flavour. It should only take about two to three minutes, and I find that the more you cook halloumi, the more the texture firms. The flour is then seasoned, and the paprika added. We have two fantastic Hungarian chefs, Barb and Viktor, who bring us back some cracking paprika each time they visit home. We make sure to add the paprika half way through the cooking process so it doesn’t burn.

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At the end of the day, choosing the best halloumi is all about trial and error; find one you like and stick with it. We pan fry them because if you choose to BBQ or use a char grill, it might burn the spices.

Below, I’ve given you the recipe of our classic vinaigrette for you to knock up. It’s seasoned perfectly for your leaves, but it’s also high in acidity, so be careful when dressing.

The Castle’s Basic Vinaigrette

  • Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil – 300 ml

  • Cider/White Wine Vinegar – 100 ml

  • Ground White Pepper – 2g

  • Salt – 8g

  • Thyme Sprigs – 2x

  • Garlic – 1 clove, lightly crushed

Mix all the ingredients together. Remember to “shake it like a polaroid picture” to ensure an even distribution, as oil will separate instantly.

Chef’s Tip

  • Leftover avocado garnish would be brilliant for breakfast when paired with a poached egg

  • Leftover Halloumi is good in a stuffing for a Sunday Roast with pork

  • Put the leftover vinaigrette in an airtight bottle and leave in a dry goods store or the fridge, but be careful with the garlic bulb


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