Chocolate Fondant

Liam's Chocolate Fondant recipe

Give your Valentine a new twist on the traditional box of chocolates… make them a dark chocolate fondant! Liam’s recipe is sweet and decadent – perfect for a romantic dinner for two.


250g Dark Chocolate
250g Butter
250g Whole Eggs
100g Egg Yolks
125g Sugar
30g Flour

Cocoa powder & butter for ramekins.


  • Begin by placing your chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a Bain Marie (pan of gently simmering water).
  • Whilst the chocolate is beginning to melt, in a separate bowl slowly cream the butter and sugar together until the mixture is light and fluffy.
  • Slowly incorporate all of the eggs, both whole eggs and yolks, until the mixture has come together.
  • Add your flour to bind all of your ingredients. This will help stabilise your fondant.
  • Last, but not least, gradually add the melted chocolate to your mixture. Leave it in the mixer until it’s fully combined or mix by hand.
  • Line your ramekin with butter, then dust with cocoa powder to avoid the fondant sticking.
  • Fill each ramekin ¾ as it will rise. Bake at 180˚ c for 12 minutes depending on the size of your ramekin.
  • When your spoon goes in, it will be oozing out with pure chocolate indulgence.


Chef’s Tip

To accompany the fondant, I use a confit orange sorbet – a Castle classic. You can use a basic vanilla or whatever you have in the freezer and jazz it up with some hazelnuts, pistachios, coffee or caramel – think of things that work with chocolate.

And don’t forget to use Fernando’s 15 tips for pairing wine with your meal.Je t'aime



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