Adrian and Nigel @ West Country Foods and Teign Valley Micro Herbs

Fruit and vegetables are the staple for any decent meal. If you source great meat and Fish your fruit and veg must follow the same ethos. I’ve always been an

The Castle Hotel Orchard

The Chapman Family Orchard @ Charlton Orchard Living and working in an area that’s surrounded by great produce and passionate suppliers is the biggest support for any kitchen and its

Pitney Farm Whole Lamb and Hanging

Pitney Farm Whole Lamb 3 months done and I’m settling into my new surroundings. We’re slowly changing things around and most recently we’ve been buying in whole animals for 3

Pan Fried Brixham Scallops with Pitney Farm Roast Red Pepper, Pancetta and Basil Oil

Our Pitney Farm Visit 3 weeks ago was amazing; this is the scallop dish we have developed, inspired by Rob and his amazing produce. The recipe is below and if

24 August, 2012 21:00

Rosie’s Chocolate Memories This week we’re faced with the mammoth task of changing the Brazz Menu. Our aim is to make it more affordable to the everyday shopper / customer

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