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This blog is going to be a break from tradition. I normally write about suppliers and producers so no better way to bust the bubble than to talk about and wish a happy birthday to the one of the most consistent chefs in the history of the Castle Hotel – Gerry Barge.


Any staff member to have worked in the Castle Hotel over the last 30 years will know the name straight away. He worked with the Great castle chefs Chris Oakes, Gary Rhodes, Phil Vickery and Richard Guest. All Michelin starred chefs with multiple rosettes and Gerry featured in all their kitchen brigades. He starts work every morning at 4.40 on the button and runs one of the tightest sections I’ve ever seen.


From I’ve taken the reigns of the kitchen 18 months ago Gerry has been extremely supportive. One of the biggest changes was changing breakfast to an a la carte menu which Gerry has smashed and set an amazing standard. Gerry and I had a little falling out a few months back as I gave him 2 days off……. He normally only had Sunday off just one day! 6 days a week for the last 30 years = #legend! I’ve been in kitchens where many a decent chef gets swallowed up on a busy breakfast service but no not our Gerry!

gerry barge 3

From all the chefs in the kitchen past and present Happy 45th Birthday Gerry!



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