Burger & A Beer

BBQ Burgers

First… the Burger

Serves between 6-7

1 kg beef mince
100g gluten-free breadcrumbs
1 whole egg beaten
1 red onion
100g vegetable oil
1 garlic clove
4 large gherkins
200g blue cheese
1 head of Cos lettuce

  • Finely dice your red onion then cook over low heat with vegetable oil.
  • Add garlic to the pan, with skin on, but lightly crushed using the back of a knife. Once cooked, remove the garlic and allow to cool.
  • Mix egg with the cooked onion, add to the beef mince. It may seem a little wet, but you’ll add breadcrumbs to balance the mixture out.
  • Weigh patties to 6 ounces or 170 grams. Shape and leave on a tray in the fridge until ready to cook.
  • Chargrill on very hot BBQ and season the patties just before you seal them. Brush with a little oil and char on both sides.
  • Remove from BBQ then place in 170°c oven for 4 mins. Quick tip: when cooking always allow meats to rest the same amount of time as it takes to cook. 
  • When resting, add the cheese so it melts on to burger, slice the gherkin and toast the bun
  • We use brioche burger buns as they are sweet and go well with the salty blue cheese.

For our burger recipe in Brazz we keep it simple for a lot of reasons. Here are our top tips.

  • Use a good local butcher – When serving a burger you need high quality mince with a decent amount of fat. We use 3 of our long standing trusted meat suppliers – Stillman’s of Taunton, Gibbin’s of Exeter and Stream Farm Organic. When you use top ingredients, you’re going to get a fantastic product at the end. It’s that simple.
  • Ask your butcher about dry aged meat – Stream Farm supply us with organic Dexter beef which is dry aged, so the flavour is amazing.
  • Fat provides moisture to a burger and stops it from drying out and most importantly it adds amazing flavour -We like using chuck steak and our butchers know our meat to fat ratio is generally 85% meat to 15% fat – if you want a healthier version choose a leaner cut.
  • We grind our mince twice through a large then a medium grinder – I personally prefer a burger with texture and if it’s too fine ground it becomes almost mushy!
  • No salt or pepper – I’ve had a few arguments on this. I find pre-seasoning tends to cure the burger and weakens the structure. You can add extra flavours but be careful.  It’s better to have a naked patty which can be pre-seasoned before grilling and lots of extras on the burger.
  • Cooking method (for me this is the easiest) – a heavy char grill then place in the oven for 3-4 minutes depending on the thickness.  We leave ours a little fat so its juicy on the inside.

BBQ flavours are always associated with good fun times. All that’s left to say is enjoy the burger and I hope you love Yanni’s pairing.

Liam Finnegan

Pair this Burger with Mena Dhu Stout

Summer sun doesn’t mean that dark beers are off the table. You can still enjoy brooding brews in the warmer months, especially when paired with a burger decadently topped with blue cheese. 

Based on an original Cornish recipe, Mena Dhu means ‘black hill’ named after the farm that was owned by Walter Hicks, the founder of St Austell Brewery. It is a new generation stout that combines the best of the old with added complexity and refreshment. Flavoursome, deceptively light and refreshing, subtle oak smoked aroma, with a hint of dark chocolate taste, a delicate touch of liquorice on the finish and perfect in combination with blue cheese and gherkins!

This sultry, suave burger is fair game in any season. I admit blue cheese is an acquired taste. I definitely didn’t like it as a child. If you’re not a blue cheese fanatic (You gotta join the party!) but want to try it, I recommend Devon Blue, as I find it is the mildest and even a little sweet. It is also creamier, alm

ost like cream cheese in texture, and it only has a little bit of the “bite” inherent to blue cheese. After you try it, you will never say you don’t like blue cheese again!

Mena Dhu is Brewed using a blend of six different malts traditional and pale malts for richness and depth, chocolate and smoked malts for a distinctive flavour, malted oats and roasted barley malt to enhance the finish.

What better way to celebrate summer day than eating a juicy, scrumptious Blue Cheese Burger while enjoying a dark Mena Dhu Stout? 

Burger & a Beer

Oooh yes, my friends, things are about to get messy! 




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