April in the Castle Kitchen

I’ve been off for the last few weeks trying my hand at building as we recently bought our first house. And there turned out to be a “little bit” more work than I’d originally thought… So dressed up in my high vis jacket and Bob the builder hat I jumped straight in.

But last week, I took a break from building works, lured by the smell of wild garlic in the air which was too irresistible to ignore, and took the boys out picking. We made a wild garlic pesto for their class in Cotford St. Luke.

Wild Garlic

Wild garlic is one of the first signs that spring has finally arrived and, as we move further into the season, more and more produce will be available for us all to enjoy. Like the first outdoor St Endoc asparagus that is now being clipped, lasting only 8 weeks before the season ends.

If you enjoy eggs, try mallard or pheasant eggs, which are a bit different and have just become available. Fried mallard eggs on toast with my favourite mushrooms, morels, make for a delicious seasonal breakfast.

And in another month, the very special gull egg will be available. Gull eggs have a season of about 3 weeks. Their yolks are rich in both flavour and colour. They are a true delicacy.


Seafood platters

Fish is going to feature a great deal on our menu this summer. And we’re planning to host a series of pop up restaurants in the Castle Norman garden. So keep an eye out on our events page for more details. You’ll find some fantastic plates of seafood on offer such as oysters, langoustine mayonnaise, poached lobster and crab salads, wild salmon with sweet peas and mint. Plus we’ll have some simpler Friday feel good food such as artisan pizzas and, of course, craft beers.

Painted Wolf Wines

We also have a fantastic dinner with the amazing Jeremy Borg of Painted Wolf wines which is really good value. Canapés, 4-courses from the kitchen and awesome wines paired with each course – mark your calendars for Friday 17 May.

Now is the best time to eat the king of all fish – turbot.  Turbot is migrating closer to shore to spawn; this makes the fish more readily available and far more affordable. All these fantastic ingredients make creating a menu at this time of year extremely exciting

I have a golden oldie Wild Garlic Soup recipe which we’ll spin out next week for you to try at home.

Liam Finnegan



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