Only 6 Weeks Until Christmas

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Only 6 weeks to go... Get Ready for Christmas

We’ve only 6 more weeks until Christmas.  It hadn’t occurred to me until I saw the new John Lewis advert.  You know the time is nigh when the war of adverts begins… soon our tellies will be saturated with them.

Now, I realise that Christmas strikes fear into some, as well as dread at the thought of cooking for the entire family, but it needn’t.  With some planning and preparation, you may find yourself with more time to relax and enjoy the festive season.

Things to do now to get ready for Christmas (6 weeks to go)

  1. Plan your menus. (don’t forget Christmas Eve and Boxing Day)
  2. Gather your recipes.
  3. If you’ve decided to challenge your culinary skill this year, you might want to practice new or complicated recipes ahead of Christmas to avoid disasters on the day.
  4. Buy your dry goods, wines & spirits in advance so you can catch special offers and have less to buy when the shops are mental.
  5. Of course, if the thought of cooking fills you with complete terror and despair, now is the time to book your place for Christmas lunch at your favourite restaurant or pub. In another week or so, there will likely be no room left and you’ll be forced to brave the kitchen!

Last year, Liam posted his top tips for a stress free Christmas.  If you’ve missed it, you can check out his post here.

And Fernando’s guide to Bordeaux wines for Christmas might help to inspire you.  We’ll be posting new cocktail recipes (with and without alcohol) for you to try during the festive season during the weeks to come.

We love Christmas here at The Castle, especially the decorations.  Don’t worry, we haven’t put them up… yet 🙂


Just for fun, we thought it might be interesting to post a medieval Christmas recipe. In 1553, you might have found this instead of turkey on your table…

“Wild Boar’s Head with Black or Yellow Sauce”

A wild boar’s head should be boiled well in water and, when it is done, laid on a grate and basted with wine, then it will be thought to have been cooked in wine. Afterwards make a black or yellow sauce with it. First, when you would make a black sauce, you should heat up a little fat and brown a small spoonful of wheat flour in the fat and after that put good wine into it and good cherry syrup, so that it becomes black, and sugar, ginger, pepper, cloves and cinnamon, grapes, raisins and finely chopped almonds. And taste it, however it seems good to you, make it so.”

To make yellow sauce, skip the cherry syrup and ginger and add saffron.

(Original recipe found here.)

If anyone decides to try this recipe – please do let us know how you get on!


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