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Beer & Ale, Our Suppliers | 28th February 2013 | By

Masters Brewery

@ Unit 8 Greenham Business Park, Wellington, Somerset

Recently I have developed an interest in the marriage of beer/ ale and Stout with food.

My main reasons being:

– The tradition and pride in the industry and wanting to show that passion.

– In Ireland we have generic beers in most pubs like Heineken, Carlsberg and Guinness etc. In England every county, in fact almost every pub has a different selection of beers.

– It’s local!

I heard about Masters Brewery through one of the lads in the kitchen – John (Gluten Free). He’s friends with Dean Masters (hence the name Masters Brewery) who is the son of Richard. Richard set the company up 4/5 years back, it’s a father and son team and both have bags of passion about what they’re doing.

We set off from Taunton after Richard’s invitation out to his “Micro Pub”. It only took a 20 minute drive and when we got there I was expecting a pub. I thought ‘bloody hell, why has the sat-nav brought us to an industrial estate?’ After asking 2 people where it was we finally found it. We felt a little disappointed at the exterior as we couldn’t see a hint of anything remotely ‘pubbish’. We walked in through the front door and instantly we were blown away. I’m a keen advocate on underselling and over delivering and the lads at the micro brewery definitely over deliver. The bar is only new, maybe over a year old. It is assembled from reclaimed parts of old pubs from auctions. For instance the fireplace is from Chard, the floorboards are from Richards Family home, the panelling is from a shut down pub in Plymouth and the speakers are from Edgware theatre in London. Everything about the pub has a story.

Richard showed us around the Brewery and filled us in with some facts about what they do. He explained the many processes in creating what we happily drink on a night out, but don’t take notice of the skill and passion that goes into it. Richard is part of a movement of micro breweries trying new flavours and techniques – I liken it to wine; old world wine versus new world. The guys like the challenge of introducing women to beer and said it has been very positive. They don’t agree with the stereotype that it’s a mans drink. They have a range of beers on tap to trick and tempt the pallet; Blackcurrant, Aniseed, Cherry are just a few examples and are all amazing . Some of their best creations are not bottled and are just on sale at the pub.

After leaving the Masters’ we’re well on the road to matching beer and food and are hoping to host an event pairing the 2: Watch this space!



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