Much Ado About Water

I attended a ‘water tasting’ course some time back. It remains a curiosity during conversations and often bemuses my colleagues. When I mention water sommeliers, giggles usually ensue. What’s to

Has Madeira Wine Gone Out of Fashion?

Have some pineapple?  Pair it with a full bodied, perfumed glass of Madeira wine – absolute perfection. Seriously, you should really try this combination! Some may say Madeira wine has gone out

15 Handy Tips to Help You Pair Wine & Food

If you dread the dinner party dilemma of choosing wines for your menu, try these 15 handy pairing tips. They will save you a lot of time… and stress! 15 Handy Wine

Hidden Treasure of France – Crémant d’Alsace

In the UK, when we think of sparkling wines, the first and favourite that springs to mind is Italian prosecco. This fizzy tipple has become so popular that, for the first

Try Côtes de Bordeaux this Christmas

Our recommendation for Christmas wine… Côtes de Bordeaux. History The Côtes de Bordeaux appellation was created in 2009, when Blaye, Caddilac (then premier Côtes de Bourdeaux), Castillon and Francs grouped together

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