Mackerel with Heritage Tomatoes and Coriander

This is such a little summer sizzler and available in Castle Bow restaurant. If you see heirloom (heritage) tomatoes at the farmers market or somewhere reputable, snatch them right up.

Duck with Cherries and Chicory

We use free range Devonshire Ducks from a company called Creedy Carver near Crediton. The ducks are top drawer – we use all of the animal from legs in confit, livers for parfait and offal in faggots.

What’s in Season July Roundup

July is great for fresh vegetables and fruits. There is an array of beautiful produce available right now. Highlights include runner beans, broad beans, peas, courgettes and courgette flowers. Baby beetroots & carrots are at their peak, as are sorrel, lettuces and fennel.

Much Ado About Water

I attended a ‘water tasting’ course some time back. It remains a curiosity during conversations and often bemuses my colleagues. When I mention water sommeliers, giggles usually ensue. What’s to

Wild Garlic, Asparagus and Potato Soup with Poached Pullet Egg

Spring is my favourite season. For me it’s one of the most warming seasons – although definitely not weather wise! It’s more warming to the eye and heart as everything

Has Madeira Wine Gone Out of Fashion?

Have some pineapple?  Pair it with a full bodied, perfumed glass of Madeira wine – absolute perfection. Seriously, you should really try this combination! Some may say Madeira wine has gone out


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